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Zagree Trading is founded as a global supply chain solution provider positioning to global companies that are looking for outsourcing manufacturing to China.
We develop (design, conceptualization, prototyping, tooling), we manufacture (procurement, fabrication, quality control, assembly) and we manage the supply chain (warehousing, packing, fulfillment and logistics) for existing or new products on behalf of our customers. As a lead supply chain managing company, we play three important and distinct roles in our client’s supply chain: contract manufacturer, quality inspector, and freight forwarder.

Contract Manufacturing Services Division

As one of China’s leading contract manufacturers, our team maintains high quality and competitive pricing for all the products we manufacture. In the contract manufacturing part, we have an extensive experience in a wide range of industries. Apart from the technical perspectives, another big challenging part for global companies outsourcing manufacturing to China will be the language and cultural barrier. We understand the Chinese culture, language and legal system, and will work to ensure quality, compliance and unmatched value. And with reliable partnership with thousands local Chinese factories for different parts, our team is able to offer the turnkey contract manufacturing solutions to optimize your cost control strategy without compromising your product’s quality.

With years of experience in providing OEMs – large and small – with contract manufacturing solutions for consumer electronics, fabricated metal product, injection-molded plastic parts, garment and textile product, China provides custom manufacturing solutions to clients throughout the U.S. We can manufacture built-to-order parts, custom products and offer a wide variety of options to solve your problem. We can support high volumes and short-lead times. Our in-house capabilities include electronic contract manufacturing, contract metalworking, contract industrial sewing and custom injection molding and tool making, with a wide application on automotive industry, consumer electronics, industrial and consumer products, fabric and textile industry, medical industry and more.

Sourcing and Procurement Division

Vertically integrated with our procurement department and logistics department, which manage a network of thousands of reliable factories and partnered with leading courier companies, we are now able to provide complete and tailor-made supply chain solutions for a wide range of industries which involves the steps such as sourcing, prototyping, manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Zagree Trading has truly been a leading China sourcing agent in all aspects. We help small-to-medium sized business owners, CEO of large international corporations, entrepreneurs , and engineering companies or brand owners sourcing products from China. As a professional China sourcing agent, we help companies with their sourcing, manufacturing, procurement, product development and product supply chain of their products, subassemblies or components. Our proven process ensures a quality product at the best price, delivered in a timely manner and with reduced risk to you and your assets.

Logistics and Fulfillment Division

We offer premium shipping and logistics solutions at competitive rates to all businesses looking to ship cargo from China to worldwide. Whether you require air forwarding, ocean forwarding, or any of our other services – including warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, kitting, order fulfillment, and much more – our years of experience combined with our outstanding staff and exceptional quality assurance systems provide you with the utmost in worldwide freight forwarding services.

Our hassle-free warehouse and order fulfillment services are designed specifically for the e-commerce owners or online sellers who sell Made-in-China products to the global market. We provide the comprehensive warehousing and handling services from China at competitive rate which takes great care of our customer’s supply chain in China. We understand the shipping and fulfillment needs of B2C e-Commerce companies and individuals quite well and therefore able to offer small and medium businesses with the storage and shipping on demand. If you trade online and have a global market, then we are the true fulfillment partner for you. Your solution to all your logistics and supply chain problems is on us.

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