Frequently Asked Questions

It may be possible to get an initial quality control inspection report the same day. However, the verified report is not available until the next business day. It is not always possible to upload the report into our system from the supplier location, so the inspector may have to wait until he returns to the local or home office to do so. In addition, while the vast majority of our inspectors throughout Asia have good English skills, we want a final review by a supervisor with excellent language skills. This also allows for a final review for accuracy and internal audit purposes.
In a word, YES. There are myriad issues that may affect quality and delivery time of your product. Zagree provides Production Management and QC consulting services to augment our standard quality control services. If your supplier is cooperative with your efforts at improving quality in their facilities and processes, Zagree consulting staff can help identify and advise on issues in their total quality management and production process.
A Key Performance Indicator(KPI) is a type of performance measurement that tracks and evaluates the output of manufacturers in various ways, including quality, delivery, satisfaction and others depending on customer requirements. Zagree does not provide this as a standard service to our clients. However, we may do so on a case by case basis. If this is a business requirement, we welcome you to contact us. We can discuss how we currently provide this to some key customers, and whether our approach fits your requirements.
Yes. Under the terms of our certification, we are legally bound to accept a certain amount of liability for substandard work on our part that results in loss. The exact terms can be found in your service agreement. Please contact us for any specific questions regarding liability.
Zagree takes great pride in our technical brain trust. They are constantly updating our internal knowledge base so we are prepared to proactively inform our customers on issues affecting their products. In addition, each month we send out our Product Safety and Compliance Update. This is a comprehensive view into the latest industry and regulatory changes and recall review that helps you make critical decisions. We invite you to join our list of recipients. Use the Contact Us form to get on the list to receive it.
Zagree has published a Code of Ethics(hereinafter "the Code") that provides clear direction to employees in all areas of their daily business activities. All employees, managers and executives are responsible for assuring that compliance remains a vital component of our business process. We ensure that the principles embodied in the Code are implemented throughout our internal Quality System processes, procedures, and audits. Supported by rich knowledge and experience in the field, and benefiting from over 500 staff members, Zagree is dedicated to helping our customers meet all their Quality, Safety and Ethical Standards to support their supply chain in the global marketplace. If you wish to obtain a copy of our Code of Ethics, please contact us.
The simplest way is to engage a 3rd party testing company, such as Zagree. Some manufacturers self-test and/or rely on local testing labs for certifying their products. However, there is no guarantee these labs, or their equipment, are reliable. Nor is there any guarantee the results are accurate. In either case, the importer may be held responsible for the product. In view of the risk, most companies opt to use a 3rd party testing lab. Zagree' 80,00 sf laboratory is centrally located in Hangzhou China, and does a broad range of consumer goods for all regulatory testing requirements.
We have a dedicated compliance department that handles matters related to ethics and bribery. This group has developed and implemented an anti-bribery control system modeled on the system used by USA financial institutions under banking regulations. This robust ethics program includes the following features to assist in mitigating instances of bribery:
  • Inspectors are full-time employees paid at above market rates
  • We have a zero tolerance anti-bribery policy
  • Initial and continuing ethics education
  • Regular analysis of inspector AQL data
  • Incentives for reporting violations
  • Unannounced inspection audits
  • Unannounced inspector audits
  • Periodic rotation of inspectors
  • Fully transparent investigations
Zagree has a dynamic inspector and auditor training and audit program. This includes periodic retraining and testing, unannounced visits to factories where quality control inspections, or factory audits, are being conducted, random interviews with suppliers, and random audits of inspector reports as well as periodic efficiency audits. Our inspectors program has resulted in developing staff of inspectors that are among the best in the industry, and our competitors frequently try to recruit them away.
Typically, each inspector will work 8 hours per day, not counting meal breaks. How much time he spends at the factory depends on how many inspectors are working there, and whether the paperwork is completed at the factory, or at the office. As an employer, we are bound by China labor law, so there is a limit to the amount of time our staff can work each day without incurring additional charges. Many times, we have more than one inspector onsite, so typically the report will be completed while at the factory. At other times, the report will be completed later in the local, or home office. It is important to remember however, it is not only the inspector who is dealing with your inspection. Every report is reviewed and cleared by a supervisor, and processed by your coordinator. So many hands are involved in a single inspection and report. However, we put forth our best effort at maximizing efficiency in your behalf. We have proved time and again that our pricing and man hour quotes are very competitive.