Expanding the potential of trade in paints –giving color to life today and tomorrow.

Paint is applied to all sorts of objects that surround us in everyday life: from aircraft to automobiles, bridges to buildings, electric appliances to circuit boards, and to the exterior and even interior of beverage cans. Paint is not merely ornamental but is applied to protect materials and add new functions. Research and development concerning paint are carried out from a long-term perspective in consideration of visual improvement and aesthetic harmonization with the surroundings, efficient use of resources, and global environmental protection. The Paints Sector continues to explore the seemingly unlimited potential of paints, whose shades of colour seem equally unlimited.

Products supplied to major customer segments

Rolled aluminium, building materials
electro-deposited paints
paints for pre-coated metal
building exterior paints

paint for lumber

General industries
(agricultural equipment, electric appliances, automobile components, transportation machinery, etc.)
electro-deposited paints
powder coating
aqueous sintering paints
pre-treatment agents

Beverage cans
paints for cans

painting equipment
other auxiliary instruments and materials