The Food Section consists of three divisions: the Provisions Division, the Fresh Food Division, and the Food Products Marketing & Distribution Division.
The goal of this division company is to become the leading company in the global food industry. Accordingly, the Food Company is developing a high value-added value chain that organically links customer-driven food resources development, food resources supply, product processing, midstream distribution, and retail on a global scale with a focus on China and Asia. Further, throughout that system we are upgrading controls for food safety even further to ensure trust and reliability.

Food Resources
Procuring wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rice, palm oil, and other foodstuffs from countries all around the world, and supplying to Japan and other countries in Asia

Product Processing
Stepping up initiatives in production and processing through Group companies such as Dole, Prime Meat Packers, OIL HOLDINGS, and Sugar

Midstream Distribution
Providing high-value-added services through food wholesalers