ZÁGREE respects the individual, society, and the future in its Commitment to the Global Good. To provide a range of goods and services that will support people’s lives, ZÁGREE operates in a comprehensive array of business domains, from upstream areas, such as transactions involving raw materials, to downstream domains, such as retail.

Business field – Retail,Service; Resources Development, Procuring Ingredients; Wholesale; Manufacture Processing.

Textile Section
Providing people with new values and impressions for everyday life in a range of fields from fashion to hi-tech materials.

Metals & Minerals Section
Contributing to economic development and environmental protection worldwide through the development and safe supply of mineral resources.

Food Section
Expanding globally while contributing to food safety and security from the supply of basic ingredients for food to manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Machinery Section
Developing in a broad array of fields including large-scale plants, social infrastructure, aircraft, ships, automobiles, construction machinery, industrial machinery,life & health care.

Energy & Chemicals Section
Working in tangible and intangible ways to help improve lives, we use our overall strength as a trading company to offer solutions and services.

General Products & Realty Section
The General Products & Realty Section operates on a global scale in business fields from general lifestyle products to the development and sale of homes and the goods that support them.

The 7th
The 7th Section builds on our strength in the consumer sector and fully leverages our various business platforms to develop new businesses and customers through the adoption of a market-oriented perspective.